USA Enterprise Data Centers

4 Carrier Grade Enterprise Data Centers

GreenWebSolution operate out of 4 carrier-grade North American data centers. These data centers are typically carrier hotels where we maintain our own private colocation suite/cage/space, running our own infrastructure. Each data center is chosen for geographic significance and away from any potential natural disasters. We run public and private networks between each facility and are able to offer full global load balancing / disaster recovery between 2 or more of any of these facilities.

Atlanta data center – Primary POP

Our Atlanta data center serves as one of two primary POPs that we operate from. We host shared servers, reseller servers, public and private clouds as well as dedicated servers from this facility.

Dallas data center – Primary POP

It's one thing having the technology, another having an impeccable customer service. However, what protection is provided with our UK data centre and what assurances do you have? To begin with, our data centre is fully operational with the best certified engineers as well as a high performing security team. These highly sought after professionals offer peace of mind by providing a full service that is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The premises comprise of perimeter fencing with key card access, while the data halls can only be accessed with dual method biometric and key card access. Also, the data centre is fully monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.

Phoenix data center – Secondary POP

We maintain a secondary POP in Phoenix, AZ to serve any West Coast requirements that our customers have without the worry of earthquake-prone Los Angeles. We operate dedicated servers from our Phoenix facility.

We maintain a secondary POP in Clifton, NJ, just a few miles outside of NYC. We operate shared and dedicated servers from this facility and it is ideal for those looking for millisecond connectivity into the Big Apple.