Our Promise to you

We believe trust forms the foundation of any solid relationship. For this reason, we’re guaranteeing to provide fast, reliable, and worry-free service. In the rare event we don’t deliver on these guarantees, we will pay you for the inconvenience.

100% uptime, GUARANTEED!

You rely on us to keep your services online 100% of the time. With our Enterprise quality network equipment, completely redundant design, enterprise network security, and 24x7 monitoring, you get rock solid service all the time. We back this up with our 100% uptime guarantee.

Fast Server Deployments

Our customers expect fast delivery of their dedicated servers. Order now, and receive your login information in 4 hours or less on average. Less waiting means faster delivery of your services to your target audience. All dedicated servers, no matter the configuration are guaranteed in 24 hours or less.

20-Minute Rapid Response Support

We do not expect that you will have to contact us often, but when you do, you can always expect to receive a response to your support needs in 20 minutes or less. We understand your support requests are important, and we act with urgency to make sure they are resolved.

DDoS Protection

Threats of DDoS attacks continue to rise and businesses that rely on the Internet to reach their customers are increasingly at risk of encountering problems related to these attacks. While there are varying degrees of DDoS protection offered by service providers, you have to choose the right options for your unique business. Weighing both the economics and risk levels becomes important as your business grows and becomes more visible.

NAP DDoS Protect

Included at no cost on all dedicated servers Green Web Solution NAP’s best effort DDoS mitigation offers you peace of mind knowing that we’re watching over your network traffic and taking action against attacks, keeping your servers online and your business humming. Our DDoS mitigation service comes standard with all dedicated servers, and provides protection against the majority of small and medium attacks on your server as a whole, not just single IPs. Our automated rule sets, combined with our highly skilled engineering staff and technical support teams, work in concert to deliver a worry-free hosting experience.

4-Hour Hardware Replacement

Keeping your dedicated servers online and responsive to your needs is our top priority. In the rare event of hardware failure, we guarantee we will replace the failed component in 4 hours or less.