UK Based Data Centre

The Significance of a UK Based Data Centre

We at GreenWebSolution are incredibly proud to boast our Tier IV data centre, which provides blistering UK speeds. But what significance does a UK data centre entail? A vast majority of UK data centres are located in London. It has been argued that London poses many flaws such as a 20 year flood plain, risks of terrorism and power deficiencies. GreenWebSolution's data centre is located in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Our Newark datacentre features two data halls totalling 8000 square feet and 200 racks of capacity. These racks are arranged in a hot/cold aisle setup within individual pods to keep servers running at optimal temperatures. The datacentre features a redundant network with multi 10G links to London and Manchester.

Speed and Efficiency

The network itself operates via 10Gbps, connecting to many such networks that include BT21CN, NTL/Telewest, Global Crossing, Claranet, Interoute, KPN and NTT plus many more.

All of our servers operate via this Tier IV data centre that offers some of the fastest speeds in the UK, with a highly reliable service to boot. The data centre was designed to offer high speeds, reliability and stability. The power system for example incorporates dual generators that feature UPS batteries as well as a dedicated substation.

24/7 Security and Support

It's one thing having the technology, another having an impeccable customer service. However, what protection is provided with our UK data centre and what assurances do you have? To begin with, our data centre is fully operational with the best certified engineers as well as a high performing security team. These highly sought after professionals offer peace of mind by providing a full service that is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The premises comprise of perimeter fencing with key card access, while the data halls can only be accessed with dual method biometric and key card access. Also, the data centre is fully monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.

Green Environment

GreenWebSolution take pride in being a green company, frequently addressing our carbon footprint and how we affect the environment. As a sponsor of The Woodland Trust, we only use facilities that comply with our own green ethics.

Our UK data centre located in Nottingham is a purpose built facility comprising cold aisle containment cooling systems as standard, VESDA fire detection and a suppression system, plus an energy efficient dedicated power sub-station. The cooling system in particular features low level power consumption to a Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.2 – meaning our carbon footprint is further reduced.